Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Domino's Pizza Says ObamaCare's Fast Food Calorie Display 'Unworkable'

Beginning next year, ObamaCare mandates that every fast food chain must clearly display the calorie counts for every item on their menus.  While compliance is possible for a hamburger joint with limited menu selection, it is extremely difficult for a pizza chain, like Domino's.  There literally offer 34 million possible pizza combinations. From different sizes, to different amounts of cheese and other ingredients.  But, if Domino's doesn't comply there could be substantial fines and up to a year in prison (I assume for each store manager in violation).

My problem with the calorie count rule is that we've been down this road before with no measurable success.  In 1990, the Democrats in Congress handed President George H.W. Bush a piece of legislation called the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act which he signed into law.  Under it,  manufacturers of any packaged food items would have to provide the kind of nutrition data that we see  today.  At the time, the obesity rate in this country was 20.5% of the adult population.  Today, despite calorie labeling from the1990 law, obesity has grown to be in excess of 36%.  A 76% increase in just 24 years.

For years, providing nutrition information has been a hefty expense for the food industry.  Because the  FDA requires accurate nutrition data on labels, companies, and now fast food restaurants, are forced to hire expert analysts to provide the nutritional breakdown of every item they sell. In addition, each fast food chain will spend millions to replace all existing menu boards to comply with this new 391-page regulation.  And, of course, we will pay for it all with higher prices.

Simply, I don't think this law will slow or reduce the obesity rates in this country one iota.  Just as the 1990 rule never did. People in the mood for a Big Mac or a cheese and sausage pizza are not usually in the mood to count calories. Once again we have another fool's errand by the Democrats; and I'm sure, Michele Obama.


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