Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eugene Robinson's Fairy Tale: More Carnage If Charlie Hebdo Attack Happened in the U.S.

In a recent MSNBC interview, liberal opinion writer for the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, claimed that, if the Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo had occurred in this country, there would have been a lot "more carnage" because we have so many guns.  Evidently, before giving that interview, Mr. Robinson must have taken a big, long swig of the overly stale water from the gun control watering trough.

The problem with Mr. Robinson's thinking is that it was the strict gun control in France that made the Charlie attack so much worse than it would have been in the U.S..  To say otherwise, is just another liberal fairy tale.

First of all, France has some of the strictest gun control laws in Europe.  So strict that most police don't see the need to carry firearms.

This is why the two gunmen, using banned AK47's, couldn't be stopped.  In fact, 3 unarmed Paris police road up to the terror scene on bicycles; only to be forced to back away from the gunfire from those AK's. One was wounded and lay helplessly on the ground.  Unable to defend himself, one of the gunman simply walked up to him and shot him point blank.  Then, they sped off in a car with the bicycle police unable follow in pursuit.  Able to get away -- they joined with two others at another location -- carried on with their terrorist activity the following day with 4 more innocent lives being lost.

Now, while not provable, my guess is that because the French police were unarmed and because they road bicycles, the terrorists were emboldened to take such actions in broad daylight.  In the U.S., the fact that all cops carry weapons might have been a strong deterrent against what happened in Paris.  Also, our gun-toting cops would most likely have kept the gunmen from getting back to their car.  Even if they did, most of our police would have arrived on the scene in cars; enabling them to set chase.  All together, the chances that there would have been another day of killing would have been greatly diminished in this country. 

But, there's one more thing to consider that would have mitigated this type of terrorist action.  Because we don't have strict gun control, the chances are that a Charlie Hebdo in the U.S. would probably have had an armed security guard (or, even two) in their lobby.  This is because they had already experienced a previous attack in 2011.  As such, the two armed terrorists may have never had the opportunity to penetrate the building and take out the 12 executives. Again, French guns laws prevented them from having armed security.  Also, the fact that the two gunmen had banned rifles,  just proves that gun control only controls weapons among those who abide by the law.

I have to hand it to liberals.  Whether it's climate change or gun control, they just can't help themselves from using a disaster to push another politically left viewpoint.


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