Monday, January 19, 2015

The State of the Union Address and 2014 'Hottest Year' Reports

Its a miracle!  A miracle that two separate agencies of the federal government could work independently on two separate reports and manage to release both on the very same day.  But, it happened.  Both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) simultaneously released reports that proved that 2014 was the hottest year on earth on record.  Or, at least, the hottest in the last 130 years of record keeping.

The New York Times celebrated the event with this headline: "2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics."

Wow! This must be really something!  Well, it would be until you find out that this new hottest record was broken by only one one-hundredths of a degree.  The supposed previous record was 58.45 degrees.  The new record literally clobbered the old with a temperature of 58.46 degrees.  Of course, for political reasons, the liberal and pro-climate change initiatives, the New York Times wouldn't tell us that.  Instead, they simply reported that the record was broken.

But, there's a problem with data used in creating these reports.  Both reports are based on thousands of surface thermometer readings from all over the world.  Some are maintained and properly calibrated; and, some not. Sometimes they break and the replacement may read hotter than the old one. Many depend on a hopefully diligent human to accurately and manually record the data; every hour on the hour.  Then, that data must be again manually entered into a centralized computer database which is always subject to fat-fingered data entry errors. As the noted climatologist  Dr. Roy Spencer said in putting down the accuracy of the two reports:
'The thermometer network is made up of a patchwork of non-research quality instruments that were never made to monitor long-term temperature changes to tenths or hundredths of a degree, and the huge data voids around the world are either ignored or in-filled with fictitious data.'

These two reports also contradict the RSS or Remote Sensing System's satellite data which is certainly more accurate and which collects data automatically from places that no thermometer even exists.  Like the mountain tops, the seas, and the polar ice caps. According to Dr. Spencer, through the end of October, that data had 2014 ranked as the 7th warmest year since satellite monitoring had been initiated.  And, it is highly unlikely that the 7th warmest year standing would be upset with just 2 months more of data remaining outstanding.

It is also interesting that these two reports were released on a Friday; just 4 days ahead of Obama's State of the Union Address.  That gave it all weekend to be discussed on all the cable news stations and, on each of the Sunday news shows.  Then, the "hottest ever" is sure to be incorporated into Obama's address to the nation on Tuesday in support of his radical climate agenda.

Isn't it convenient that both NASA and NOAA report to Obama?

Update: After writing this blog entry, the UK Daily Mail reported that NASA only thinks that they are 38% right on 2014 being the hottest year.  In other words, their report might be 62% wrong.  A fact that NASA conveniently forgot to mention in their "hottest" press release.  Also a fact that the liberal media seems to be ignoring ahead of the President's State of the Union speech.


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