Monday, April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton and the Little Guy

As Hillary Clinton continues her run for the presidency, one thing that we can anticipate hearing a lot about  is income inequality.  She has already stated that the economy is stacked against the poor to benefit the rich.  So, expect her to pitch raising the minimum wage to help the little guy.  However, in doing so, she doesn't mind that you and I will then have to pay a lot more for our goods and services as a result.  Of course, when it comes to Hillary shelling out her own money, it's a totally different story.

Here's a woman that has made millions in speaking appearances and, for those, her minimum wage is $300,000.  It is interesting then, that when she stopped at the Chipotle restaurant to have a meal and, passed the tip jar next to the cash register, she put nada in it to help the minimum wage workers who prepared her, I suppose, much desired burrito.

This woman is a total phony when it comes to really helping those whom she claims to be concerned about.  Obviously, she sees herself as entitled royalty calmly awaiting her Presidential coronation. Evidently, it is beneath her to actually have to deal with the little guy.


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