Saturday, April 4, 2015

Obama Uses a Propaganda Technique to Sell the Iran Deal

When President Obama announced his nuke deal with Iran, he said that the choice was either this deal or war.   This type of "either/or" statement is a common propaganda technique called "false dichotomy" in order to sell you on the fact that there are no "in-betweens" that could have otherwise been achieved.

So, now, we're supposed to believe that restoring the sanctions that were removed and adding others was not an option. Nor, are we supposed to believe that some carrots other than allowing Iran to continue its nuke program couldn't have been offered.

It just bothers me that the President has to resort to this kind of known propaganda technique.  In my opinion, he is doing this because the so-called deal is flawed and he wants to discourage any further debate by claiming that without it, war would ensue.  And, of course, he knows America doesn't want another war.  That, too, may be a false conclusion if Americans feel a future situation calls for it.


False Dichotomy:

Obama calls Iran deal the best option, instead of another war:

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