Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why the Saudis Fear ISIS and Iran

To most people, Saudi Arabia represents a wealthy country based on decades of being the world's leader in the extraction of oil.  But, within the religion of Islam, they have something of much greater value than oil. Saudi Arabia is home to the most holy cities of Mecca and Medina.   Mecca is where the Prophet Mohammed was born and began writing the Qur'an. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to make a pilgrimage to this holiest of places within their lifetime.  Medina is where the Prophet is buried and was, when he was alive, the capital of the Muslim empire.

So, if you are ISIS and want to create a true Islamic State or Caliphate, it must include Mecca and Medina.  Also, Iran believes in the coming of the 12th and final Imam and, as such, Shia and Sunni Muslims must be unified under Shia rule.  This is why Iran is actively supporting a Shia takeover in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Libya.   And, for sure, and at some point, Iran will set their sights on Sunni Saudi Arabia and Jordan; a goal that is only solidified if Iran has nuclear weapons because having the bomb insulates them from attacks by stronger Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia.  Also, understand that Iran having control of Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Libya is, in a way, attempting to surround both Sunni countries of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The Saudis clearly understand this threat.  Currently, they are building an extremely fortified  600-mile wall along the Iraq border to protect themselves from an ISIS invasion.  A similar wall is being built  along the Yemeni border to shield themselves from a possible Houthis Shia invasion from Yemen.   It is also the reason that Saudi Arabia has created a coalition of 10 countries to restore Sunni control of Yemen and beat back the Shia Houthis.

At issue, now, is whether or not that same coalition will eventually turn on Iran in an attempt to keep them from ever getting the bomb.  In fact, Obama's nuke deal may have just solidified that very possibility.  But, even if the Saudis don't lead a war against Iran, there is a very real possibility that the  President's deal will create a rush of Sunni countries, lead by Saudi Arabia, to have their own nuclear weapons as a matter of self defense.

Simply, there has never been a worse time for peace in the Middle East because the United States has created a vacuum for ISIS and Iran to walk all over Sunni countries in the region.  It is possible that in less than two years, an all out Middle East war could ensue, or as rumored, the Saudis may allow Israel access to their airspace to launch a defensive attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.   A fact that previously would have never been possible had Iran not been given a pathway to the bomb under the current nuke deal.





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