Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hillary Still Has It! Losing and Losing Even Bigger

Hillary barely won in Iowa.  Then, in New Hampshire, she totally flamed out; giving Bernie Sanders a 22 point lead.  Most political analysts consider any win of 10 points or more a landslide. So, let's say it.  Hillary lost by a landslide.

Team Clinton blamed Bernie's big win on the fact that New Hampshire voters were inclined to vote for Sanders because he comes from a neighboring state.  But, let's not forget the New Hampshire's motto: "Live Free or Die".  Maybe that is why Bernie really won.  After all that's what he wants.  Free healthcare. Free college.  Free pre-K. Free  child care. Free, free, and even freer.  Otherwise, we'll all die. Of course, his $18 trillion of new spending won't come free to the people who actually have to pay the bill.   So, I guess Hillary lost because she just wasn't as "free" with America's taxes as Bernie.

The point is that Bernie is selling socialism; Hillary, not so.   Thus, if she wants to beat the "Bern" she better start piling on the free stuff.  Hell, by the time November rolls around, they'll have us all living in full furnished government housing. The new Obama-phone will be a free car. We probably won't have to work because we'll all be on some form of expanded Social Security and only the millionaires and billionaires will be left working to pay all the bills.   And, life will be great.


How Clinton plans to bounce back in New Hampshire:

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