Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What Sanders' Near-Win Says About the Democratic Party

For most Democrats, Iowa is part of fly-over country.  Too white.  Too religious. Too gun toting.  And, most importantly, too patriotic.

But, the Democratic caucus has proved that Iowa has become anything but those stereotypes.  In fact, Bernie Sanders' near-win proves that the face of Iowa's Democratic party has moved far left from its traditional center-left beliefs.  Those Midwest values seem to have been torn asunder in favor of socialist values that have destroyed so many economies and countries; both now and in the past. In fact, socialists falsely believe that they can elevate the poor by destroying the rich.  Yet, the opposite is true.  In Venezuela the poor can't even afford toilet paper or milk; and this year, they will have to contend with 700% inflation.  Then there's Greece, where the failure of that socialist state has again hurt the poor the most.

It is disturbing to me that so many Iowan's find this country -- a capitalist country -- so distasteful.  Where is the pioneer spirit that built Iowa?   Has rugged individualism been thrown over for [nanny] statism?  Sadly, that's what voting for Bernie Sanders reveals.


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