Friday, February 26, 2016

Obama's Claim That Closing Gitmo Has Bipartisan support

The following quote appeared on the It is from the President's latest speech regarding the closing of Gitmo. In it, he states something that is clearly not true.
"If it were easy, it would have happened years ago, as I wanted, as I have been working to try to get done," he [Obama] said. "But there remains bipartisan support for closing it. And given the stakes involved for our security, this plan deserves a fair hearing. Even in an election year."

There is no bipartisan support for closing Gitmo, and there certainly isn't any bipartisan support for moving the prisoners to any state in our union.

Last fall, the Senate approved the Defense Spending Bill 97-3, which included banning the President from bring any Gitmo detainees to the United States and closing that facility.  Because of the strong bipartisan support for blocking the President's plan to bring detainees to the U.S., Obama was forced to sign the bill into law because too many Democrats were in support of it, and therefore, couldn't veto it without an override. Additionally, a mid-2014 Gallup poll found that 66% of respondents said that Gitmo should not be closed if it included moving detainees to the U.S.. Even his own Democrats were against it.

Once again, this President seems to see things as he wants them to be and not as they really are.


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