Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary's Email Claim: "My predecessors did the same thing"

For months now, Hillary Clinton has been using the kind of excuse for her email server problems that you might hear from a ten-year-old: "my predecessors did the same thing".

Well, now, the recent Inspector General's audit and report on email usage by each Secretary of State since Madeleine Albright is out, and that report says something quite different. Here are the excerpts for each Secretary of State:
  • Secretary Albright (page 20): "...did not find any evidence to indicate that Secretary Albright used either [State] Department or personal email accounts during her tenure".
  • Secretary Powell: (page 21): "...Secretary Powell stated that he accessed the email account via his personal laptop computer in his office [via State Department services], while traveling, and at his residence [via a private line], but not through a mobile device."
  • Secretary Rice (page 22): "...Secretary did not use either personal or [State] Department email accounts for official business."
  • Secretary Kerry (page 25): "...while he has used a personal email account to conduct official business, he has done so infrequently."
So, in essence, Hillary, is, again caught in a lie.  Her only predecessor that used private emails to conduct official business was Colin Powell; and, not the plurality she implies when she says "predecessors".   But, unlike Secretary Clinton, he retained the text of those emails on a laptop that he carried with him at all times and was only hackable while online.  In Hillary's case, those emails existed on a private server, accessible 24/7, which resided in her New York home and was not maintained and monitored at all times for any attempts at hacking.  She also used unsecured mobile devices such as an unmodified Blackberry and iPhone.  We also know that there were hacking attempts in January of 2011.  Yet, she continued to use that server for 2 more years until she left office in 2013.

Clearly, Clinton's email usage had a far larger potential for the abuse of federal regulations and posed a much greater security risk than any Secretary of State; either before or after her tenure.  This whole email server scandal shows her gross incompetence and inability to protect some of the world's most sensitive information.  Just another example of why she shouldn't be President.


[The text of the] State Department report on Clinton's email practices:

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