Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Men's Incredible Loss of Earnings

For months now, Hillary Clinton has been complaining that women only make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men.  Of course, in typical Hillary fashion, the number is a distortion. It is only true if considering all of women's earnings; including part time pay.  When part time pay is excluded, for both men and women, the actual number is 83 cent on the dollar per the latest 2014 reporting.

What Clinton should be more worried about is the decline in men's wages since 1979.
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Based on the above graph from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women have done substantially better than men.  Actually, women only saw negative wage growth for those  with less than a high school degree.  Even so, their decline was 3 times less that of men. On the other hand, except for those with college degrees, men have seen their wages decline since 1979.
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The fact is, that men made the most in weekly earnings in 1979 at $405.  As of the end of 2015, their earnings were only $380.  The lowest wage paid since 1979 occurred at the end of Bill Clinton's second year in office at only $348.


Source of first chart: Page 5 of Highlights of women’s earnings i n 2014:

Source of second chart:

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