Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Auto Company Allowed To Fail

At a time when our lawmakers are trying to save our auto industry, there is no such luck in Serbia for the Yugo. The last, hapless Yugo recently rolled off the production line (See Full Story). When shipped to the United States, it had a you-get-what-you-paid for price of about $4,500. It was only sold in this country from 1985 to 1991; and, because of its propensity for breaking down, it was the brunt of several jokes:

Yugo is really short for: "Honey, "You" better "Go" find a mechanic.

A Yugo comes with a 3-speed transmission: Park, Tow, or Push.

Yugo owners are sure to go to heaven because they spent their hell on earth.

Why does a Yugo come with a rear window defroster? So you
can keep your hands warm while pushing it.

What do you call a Yugo with dual tailpipes? A wheelbarrow!

Certainly, this is just a sampling of the jokes I've heard over the years. So, if the "Big Three of Detroit" want to say that no country will allow their auto industry to fail, they should be careful with that statement. Obviously, there is one country out there, Serbia, that said no to their auto industry.

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