Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Goes Around 'Might' Just Come Around

Mr. Obama isn't even in office yet and the scandals seem to be swirling all around him. Of course, there's Governor Blagojevich and the recent corruption issues in Illinois which might actually touch people in his own inner circle; like his designated Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel. But let's not forget an old scandal involving Tony Rezko and his dealings in Chicago. Obama certainly had a close relationship with Rezko and there was a questionable land deal that may involve Obama. Rezko is also affilitated with Blagojevich. Additionally, the Service Employees Union (SEIU) is implicated in some of the Blago dealings. This group did a lot to get Mr. Obama elected. Now, to top everything off, it appears that his designated Commerce Secretary, New Mexico's Governor Richardson, is under a cloud with a Grand Jury investigation into possible illegal or inappropriate PAC/campaign donations (See Full Story).

Mr. Obama isn't the only one who should be worried about the fallout of all these scandals. Nancy Pelosi, too, should be in the cooker for her 2006 election claims that the Republicans had a culture of corruption. If Chicago and Illinois Democratic politics isn't a culture of corruption than nothing is. The scandals around the Democrats just keep piling up. You've got Congressman William Jefferson and his "cold" cash problems. Representative Charlie Rangel and his housing, travel, and tax problems. Oh, and when it comes to tax problems, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Senatorial-wannabe Mr. Franken for his failure to pay taxes in a few States that he worked in. Then, there was the Democratic Governor Elliot Spitzer and his sex-on-the-side problem. Now, we have a potential raft of problems in Illinois. In just two short years, Nancy, while not personally, is really racking up the Democratic scandals.

At a rate of a scandal nearly every 6 months, Nancy Pelosi's gang of Democrats just might have a shot at the Guiness title for a decade (yet, to come) of corruption. I can't wait until I the see the next one. They're getting increasingly creative. Bribery cash hidden in a freezer. A former chief law enforcement officer buying time with a call girl. The selling of a Senate seat. The bargaining for favorable editorials and the shaking down of a hospital. And, the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee (the tax committee) having a back-taxes problem! Unbelievable!

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