Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

Since Mr. Obama began forming his Administration, a strange thing has started to happen. The moderate left-of-center liberals appear to be feeling a little jilted over their pick for Prez (See Full Story). Those on the far left are really getting steamed. And, surprisingly, people on the right (not the far right) are pleasantly surprised by the somewhat centrist position that Mr. Obama seems to be taking with each new appointment in his Administration. He is even hinting at no tax increases in contradiction to his campaign promises.

It is no wonder that Mr. Obama appearing to be a highly political animal. But, he has played politics with every decision he has made. During the campaign, he has thrown so many people under the bus (even his own now-dead grandmother) that the damn bus is 40 feet off the ground. Now, it appears he might be throwing the liberals who got him elected under that same bus .

One can only wonder what is going on. "Me thinks" that he has decided to do the right thing for the country and not what is ideologically correct for his political party. If that be the case, he has, too, decided to manage this country from the middle and, in doing so, has the chance to become a great President. And, just maybe that's his goal. At the very least, he just might want to keep his new job for more than one term. If that be the case, his second term in office could wind up being a liberal landslide of legislation.

Conservatives are doing the right thing by backing this guy as long as he keeps on this path. In the meantime, the liberals are biting their lips and are getting a little concerned over the lack of change-left that they had anticipated. So, oddly, it is the conservatives who are in bed with Obama at this juncture and the liberals who are laying on the floor in confusion.

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