Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For Harry Reid: With Friends Like This...

In Nevada, Harry Reid is floundering. His chances of reelection are tanking by the day. So, you've got to wonder if Obama is Harry's friend or foe when he keeps trashing Las Vegas in various derogatory comments.

Yesterday, he commented on how irresponsible it would be if someone "blew a bunch of money in Las Vegas" when their kid needs funds for college tuition. Instead of making a generalized comment about gambling in his example, he had to tack on the very specific reference to Las Vegas. And, that's got people hopping mad in this city.

It is almost as if Obama wants Harry to lose in this Fall's election. Once again, this President "of only some of the people" has specifically demonized another group of people like the entire City of Las Vegas. This President's hate list just keeps growing. Now, you can absolutely add Las Vegas to his list that already includes Republicans, the Tea Party members, the health insurance companies, the banks, Wall Street, and all those Americans making more than $200k a year. The only way to get love from Obama is to be a totally useless member of society. At the very least, one who doesn't pay taxes.

This idiot President doesn't seem to understand that a healthy Las Vegas adds a lot of tax money to the Federal coffers by not only attracting Americans with disposable income but also by attracting tourists from all over the world. The money spent by foreign high rollers is taxable income that the IRS would never get their hands on if it wasn't for Vegas' ability to attract so many foreign visitors. Furthermore, this city employs an extremely high number of union workers in its Hotels, Casinos, and Restaurants. And, as everyone knows, the unions are near and dear to Obama's heart. So, why keep trying to hurt the economy of Vegas and, consequently, throw more union members into unemployment lines?

Las Vegas' Mayor Oscar Goodman had it right: "Obama is a slow learner!" He's a slow learner when it comes to Las Vegas. He's a slow learner about creating jobs; about spending; about the War on Terror; about the loss in Massachusetts; and, about so many other issues. He's quickly on track to overtake Carter as our worst President in modern history.

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