Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Obama Ignoring Hoffa's Remarks Reflects His Lack of Leadership

Sure, it wasn't President Obama that said "we're going to take these son-of-a-bitches out" when talking about the TEA Party and the GOP at the labor union rally yesterday. They were the words of Jimmy Hoffa Jr., the leader of the Teamsters Union. (Click to See the Hoffa Video)

However, in not condemning those words in his appearance on the same stage, just after Hoffa said them, Obama certified them as if they were his own. If Obama didn't agree with what was said and still remained silent in its condemnation, it reflects a cowardliness and a lack of leadership in taking a stand against one of the most uncivil remarks we've heard this year. In the wake of the "Gabby" Giffords' shooting, it's hard to see how he could condone what was said; especially after lecturing the country on "civility" in the speech that he gave just following that horrendous shooting. Once again, the President leaves the country wondering what kind of person and what kind of leader he really is.

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