Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama's Job Plan: Just More Union Jobs

Next week, President Obama will unveil his painfully long-awaited jobs plan. But, my guess is that the only jobs to be created under the plan will be more union jobs. That's because the bulk of Obama's plan will call for federally-funded infrastructure projects; and, based on his "February 2009" executive order #13502, his agencies are "asked" to "seriously consider" union personnel for all Federally-funded projects (Click here to See Story: Fact Check: Did Obama require that all infrastructure jobs in the stimulus bill go to union workers?). Does anyone really think that those agencies, reporting to Obama, are going to ignore his directive to "seriously consider" unions? I think not!

So, once again, the President will help his good friends, the labor unions; while, at the same time, insuring that those unions "shower" him with their much-needed reelection support for 2012. Never mind the fact that he will "only" benefit the 7% of this country's private-sector workforce who are unionized, while totally ignoring the 93% of this country's workers who are non-union and who are highly unlikely to be trained and experienced in any kind of heavy-equipment construction work.

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