Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Call to Pass This (Jobs) Bill Now

In last night's speech on jobs, Obama repeatedly demanded: "Pass this bill now!" The only problem is that no such bill exists for the "now" to even happen. When you think about it, Obama's original Stimulus bill was 1096 pages in length. Therefore, it's only logical that this new jobs bill (a mini-me of the original stimulus) should be about 548 pages. So, I ask this question: "Has anyone seen a 548-page jobs bill laying around so Congress can pass it NOW?" I don't think so.

In typical Obama fashion, the "Pass this Bill Now" statement is just one more attempt at political grandstanding without any substance to support it. Let's face it, yesterday's entire speech was just another campaign speech. Tactically, he wants to run around the country and claim that he put forth a jobs plan but the GOP of Congress are holding it up by not passing the bill NOW. It might have been more useful to have worked across the aisle to cobble something together that would be acceptable to both Democrats and Republican. But, Obama, the dictator, prefers ramming things down people's throats and then playing political gotcha games when things don't go exactly his way.

Lastly, the "Pass this bill now" hardly jives with the fact that he sat on this thing for weeks while he was holed-up on an all expense paid trip to Martha's Vineyard. Once again, this President is a complete hypocrite!

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