Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Jobless Claims Still Above 400,000

This morning's jobless claims number of 414,000 was, once again, above the "mystical" level of 400,000 that liberals seem to be eagerly waiting for but, which, has only happened a handful to times since this President took office; as if, somehow, a jobless claims number of 399,999 would be something to really cheer about.

But, this week there was no bogeyman for the left-wing media to blame for the continuation of claims above 400,000; like the "Verizon Strike" excuse of 3 weeks ago. If you recall, the media tried to give Obama cover for the lousy August 25th number of 417,000 claims by fraudulently claiming that it was all due to the Verizon workers strike that drove the number above 400,000 (Click here to See My Blog Entry of August 25th: Verizon Strike Blamed For Jump In Jobless Claims? ). Yet, since then and even before the Verizon strike, the claims number had always been above the 400,000 level. The only thing the left-wing media could come up with about this week's crappy numbers were the words: "claims rose unexpectedly".

The reality is that Obama has a 400,000 jobless claims number problem. That's why we continue to have an unemployment rate above 9%. To really make any dent in that unemployment rate and get those 14 million out-of-work Americans back to work, we really need the jobless claims number to be below 300,000; not just below 400,000. And, I, for one, just don't see that happening for a very long time; no matter what Obama unveils tonight in his jobs speech. His stimulus didn't work and I am quite sure that tonight's plan won't work. That's because Obama is mired in failed Keynesian and silly academic beliefs and is totally clueless as to what the economy needs to actually create jobs.

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