Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Once Again, Obama Puts Politics Above Jobs

For the President to enter the House chambers to give a major address to a joint session of Congress, it is normal protocol for the President and the Speaker of the House to negotiate, behind the scenes, the appropriate date and time. Only then is the date and time of the address to be announced.

Not the case with this president. Instead, he announces to the world that he will be giving his speech on jobs at a time when Obama's own campaign people must have calculated to have the greatest political impact: Directly opposite the Republican Debate to be aired on NBC. In doing so, he completely sidesteps the historical normal protocol to negotiate with Speaker Boehner.

This just show how in-your-face. petty, and partisan this President is. It also raises the specter that this whole "jobs" speech is another political show for the benefit of the President's 2012 campaign. How sad...

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