Friday, August 19, 2011

It Seems Those Little Green Men Are Also Environmentally Green

Just when you think you've heard every possible reason in the world as to why we should control the overproduction of greenhouse gases, now comes an other-worldly reason.

According to the UK Guardian, NASA scientists fear that aliens may descend upon the earth and eradicate humanity in an effort to save the planet from climate change and global warming (Click here to See Story: Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists). Who'd have thought that all those little green men visiting us in their shinny flying saucers would "also" be so environmentally "green". But, when you really think about it, Al Gore does seem to be quite "alien" at times.

So, this is the kind of research we can expect to get out of NASA; now that President Obama has killed the manned space program? But, for NASA to talk "green" anything is a joke. Every time, they launch a rocket into space, tons of greenhouse and toxic gases are thrown up into the atmosphere. And, even if their rockets burn more environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel, the production of that fuel, just for one rocket, can result in up to 672 tons of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. That's more CO2 than what 17,500 automobiles would produce in a full year of operation.

To me, the release of this story/study by NASA just exposes another lame attempt by the Obama Administration to push their politically-motivated "green" agenda. How can anyone take this kind of thing seriously from a government agency that "had" always been so scientifically "pure". This is the kind of thing that you'd expect to get from a "B" sci-fi movie. In fact, the whole assumption is just laughable. Americans are becoming increasingly more skeptical of man-made global warming and a "joke" pronouncement, like this, isn't going to help the climate change/global warming cause regain any creditably.

So, the next time you see a pie tin being dangled from a string, it just might be the start of an alien invasion to cleanse the earth of its evil horde of carbon-spewing humans. On the other hand, NASA might just have it all wrong. Any alien society that is so advanced as to have achieved interstellar travel and is also able to wipe out humanity, might also come in peace and hand us the science needed to save the planet. Or, perhaps, they could just be out there chuckling over our naivety in thinking that humans can actually create or control global temperatures.

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