Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama On Jobs, Again!

Even before Obama got into office, his mantra has always been: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! We've been told "by him" that, since he took office, he wakes each morning and goes to bed each night thinking about ways to create "jobs".

But, now, with nearly 1000 days in office under his belt, unemployment has climbed much higher than it was when he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With continued high unemployment, falling poll numbers, and increasing prospects of a one-term presidency, he's going to announce another jobs initiative; acting as if unemployment is now, somehow, something suddenly new.

One would think that, after spending nearly 1000 waking mornings thinking about ways to create jobs, a jobs plan would just roll off his tongue. But, no. Instead we have to wait another half month or more for him to unveil his latest -- let me guess -- spending and debt-ridden big-government masterpiece. In the meantime, another 400,000 plus Americans will continue to hit the unemployment lines each month with 15 million out of work already and with another 11 million out of work and totally discouraged from even looking for work.

In typical Obama fashion, the unveiling will be done through a "major economic speech" to be delivered sometime in September. Is there ever a speech given by this guy that isn't labelled as a "major speech"? I, for one, am tired of all his speeches without any real, documented plans; and, the polls show that most Americans are too!

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