Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Throwing Cold Water (Droplets) on Climate Change

Recently, the scientists at the prestigious CERN labs -- The European Organization for Nuclear Research -- were able to determine that cloud formations are highly influenced by cosmic radiation hitting the Earth in a process called ion-induced nucleation. Somewhat creatively named, they called their research project the CLOUD experiment or the "Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets" experiment (Click here to See Story: CERN: 'Climate models will need to be substantially revised').

What's really shocking about their results is that their research blows a rather big hole in the theory of Anthropogenic (man induced) Global Warming. That's because it clearly puts the blame for the Earth's current global warming on the increased amount of "solar" cosmic radiation that bombards Earth at varying levels; every day. In doing so, it strengthens a long-held and well understood fact that water vapor, in the form of clouds, is the most powerful greenhouse gas in our atmosphere; and, not that "trace" gas known as CO2. In fact, ion-induced nucleation might be responsible for at least half, or perhaps all, of the global warming activity in the last 100 years. It also better explains why global temperatures have leveled off for that last decade-and-a-half; despite increasing levels of CO2 during that same period.

Unfortunately, the CERN's Cloud experiment results are already being suppressed. You've got too many liberal politicians and media, and too many research scientists who are highly dependent on pushing the CO2-caused global warming theory. For the liberal politicians and media, it's all about the redistribution of wealth and about pushing an environmental war against oil, gas, and coal. For the climate change scientists, it's all about saving their lucrative paychecks; despite what Al Gore seems to think. But, CERN's results are real science by a highly reputable group of scientists and their research can't be ignored. To do so, just proves that Climate Change is less about real science and more about politicized science. After all, the leading spokesman for Climate Change/Global Warming, Al Gore, only majored in government and was admittedly terrible at both math and science. Still, like the old E.F. Hutton commercials (Click to See a Typical TV Commercial) used to say: When Gore speaks, the Climate Change believers blindly listen (no matter how damn wrong he is).

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