Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beaten. The Left Lashes Out At The Tea Party

As the debt ceiling debate progressed, the left-wing media and left-wing politicians became increasingly angry and vocal as they began to realize that there wouldn't be any tax increases and, instead (horror or horrors) tax increases would be replaced with actual cuts in spending as a means of lowering the debt. This very possibility was like a red hot, smoldering metal stake being driven into the heart of any self-respecting tax-and-spend liberal. I mean, the left went completely berserk.

So, in the last week, we saw the Dems strikeout at, primarily, the Tea Party; like a bunch of school kids crying and name calling after having been severely beaten in a fight on the playground. They referred to the Tea Party as terrorists. In fact, our idiot V.P., Joe Biden, weighed in with that very declaration when he remarked that they "have acted like terrorists"; which, I guess, makes our Vice President the biggest cry baby in a gaggle of cry babies. Certainly, that comment by Biden speaks volumes about a man who is, God help us, first in line to become president should anything happen to Obama.

Then, in speeches and interviews, the left continually claimed the nation was being "held hostage" by the "extreme" members of the GOP: the Tea Party. Other comments were that they were anti-American, anti-democratic and, even, Nazis.

What really rubs the left wrong is the fact that they keep getting beaten by the Tea Party. They trounced them in the last election with Democrats completely losing the House and, at the same time, losing their comfy super-majority in the Senate. Now, the left has been beaten again in the debt ceiling debate. What next? Losing the Senate majority and the Presidency? My guess is that this very real possibility will drive the Democrats to become even more rabid in the months running up to the 2012 election. It will be like watching Charlie Sheen's meltdown; but, this time, in spades.

Lastly, I think its funny that the Tea Party was able to turn the tables on Obama by never letting a good crisis go to waste!

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Megan said...

Nice to have you back, George! Oh, how we've missed you!

Spot on as usual.