Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another One Of Gore's "Convenient Lies"

One of the much talked about elements of Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", is the plight of the world's polar bear population as the arctic ice continues to melt. However, the whole "polar bear" segment in Al's movie was entirely based on a single researcher's observation of four dead polar bears. We now know that this observation was just that; and, what followed that observation was an "assumption" that those bears died swimming to exhaustion in a futile attempt to find an ice flow to climb onto. Further, that "assumption" has resulted in the polar bear population being placed on the protected species list.

But, the researchers who made that "assumption", biologists Charles Monnett and Jeffrey Gleason, never conducted or even ordered an autopsy to determine how, exactly, those bears died; as they should have. That's because other researchers have disputed this claim by indicating that the bears may have drowned in high, stormy seas that were occurring around the time they were found. Only an autopsy would have clearly determined if the bears simply died of drowning or, in fact, they died of physical exhaustion; just as Monnett and Gleason claimed. Instead they went ahead and published their assumptions in the journal "Polar Biology" which then, miraculously, became a widely accepted truth; totally without question by the global climate change science community. Further, their claims were in direct contradiction to hundreds of claims by most arctic natives that the polar bear population has been increasing; not dying off.

Now, Monnett and Gleason are under Federal investigation for the integrity of their research and, once again, another falsehood contained within Al Gore's movie is on the verge of being exposed. From bogus hockey stick temperature rises, from massive sea level rises, to the frequency and intensity of hurricanes, Gore's movie continues to prove that it was riddled with several exaggerations, if not, just a bunch of "Convenient Lies".

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