Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Obama's Political Miscalculation On His Jobs Bill

I'm quite sure that Barack Obama thought he could simply submit his mini-stimulus/jobs bill to Congress and call for its quick passage; and, just sit back and watch the Republicans block its passage. Then, he could run around the country with trusty teleprompter in tow and claim that it is the Republicans who aren't interested in creating jobs. Thus, thinking he had a slam-dunk issue for his 2012 reelection bid.

Unfortunately for Obama, his plans seem to have gone quite awry, because his jobs bill seems completely dead. Not only is the Republican-controlled House passing on it, but it now appears the Democrat-controlled Senate doesn't have the votes for its passage either. That little gem of information came to us this week from second ranking Democrat in the Senate, and vote counter, Dick Durbin.

Obviously, Obama doesn't understand that he has become toxic to his own political party. The Congressional Democrats, fearing for their own jobs, aren't just going to rubber-stamp everything that he throws at them. It's nice to see that the landslide loss for the Democrats in November 2010 has cooled their heels in terms of passing over-reaching and ineffective legislation.

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