Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs: A Salesman for American Excellence

Some CEO's and their companies try to be the lowest cost provider of the stuff they make and sell. But not Steve Jobs. He created a name, Apple, that was synonymous with excellence in both quality and innovation. Apple's products weren't the cheapest. However, the demand for them was tremendous. People would wait in lines for hours just to get their hands on the newest "whatever" that Apple was selling.

To me, Apple is like so many other quality American manufacturers, such as Harley Davidson, Gibson Guitar, Steinway Pianos, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, CISCO Systems, etc. that have proven you don't have to compete on a price basis alone to be highly successful. He typified American exceptionalism and that's what he will always be remembered for. Sadly, the likes of Steve Jobs is becoming rarer and rarer as this country becomes more and more socialized and anti-capitalistic. Like the old adage says: "The good die young" and Steve Jobs died way too early and will be truly missed.

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