Monday, October 3, 2011

On Cain's Lack Of Government Experience.

With Herman Cain moving smartly up in the polls, the naysayers about his ability to be President have popped up everywhere because he doesn't have any governmental experience. But, they are just flat wrong.

Herman Cain was a fine CEO with a background of turning around some very lackluster operations in the restaurant industry. To do that, Cain couldn't have been a Lone Ranger. He had to have surrounded himself with some very good people. He certainly had to be a good listener as well as a fast learner; seeking out honest advice from people who aren't just "yes men.". That, to me, is what Herman Cain is all about. He's got that unique ability to build a winning team in order to get the job done. It's what would make him a great leader; whether he be in business or in government.

Right now, we have a President who, from the very onset, surrounded himself with academics. A bunch of thinkers who have never had any real-life experience in either business or governance. In fact, the President, himself, never had any governing experience. In essence, Obama's is floundering because he couldn't build a winning team. Instead of bringing people together over a common goal, Obama creates division. I also think he's in love with himself and expects those people around him to cheer him on with approving enthusiasm; either rightly or wrongly. Just too many yes men!

That's why Cain would probably run circles around Obama and that's why I think he just might be a great President; if ever elected.

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