Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Hillary Joke: She and Bill Pay Ordinary Income Taxes

In another one of her "book-tour" interviews, Hillary Clinton tried to diminish her wealth by saying she and Bill pay "ordinary" income taxes, unlike most millionaires who take advantage of the tax code to underpay their obligations.

Well, in 2008, when Hillary was running for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency,  Bill Clinton released several years of tax returns.  In the latest-available 2007 return, the Clinton's earned, after adjustments, $20.4 million and only paid $5.1 in taxes.  Thus their effective tax rate was 25%.  That is 10 percentage points below the "ordinary" rate of 35% for someone making as much as they did.  An income level, by the way, that puts them squarely in the same infamous, anti-Democratic, disgusting income-inequality level of the top 1%.

Once again, Hillary Clinton is either delusional or just plain stupid. But more than likely, she just thinks she can lie and no one will check the facts.  She is a 1-percent-er who wants us all to believe that she is somehow, just like the rest of us in that big 99% tent that the anti-wealth "Occupy" movement was all about.


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