Friday, June 27, 2014

Senator Schumer's Misplaced World Cup Health Fears

Recently, Senator Schumer a Democrat from New York, held a press conference during which he asked  the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to alert health professionals around the country to be on the lookout for the chikungunya, or “chik-v,” virus.  The basis for his concern were the returning fans from the World Cup.   The stupidity of that conference is that, every day, with or without the World Cup, thousands of Brazilians and many more thousands of people fly into the United States from areas infested with the very mosquitoes who are likely to carry the chik-v virus. 

A quick check on showed that, every day, 52 flights originate in Rio De Janeiro that are destined for New York City.  Los Angeles has 48; and, Atlanta 44.

If, in fact Schumer is worried about a health risk, it should not be related to the World Cup and the chik-v.  He should be more concerned about what is currently happening on our southern border with tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and some adults seeking asylum in the U.S. These people, often not vaccinated, pose a bigger health risk to this country than a few fans flying back to the U.S. on tickets that cost them, at the very least, $2000, and who probably occupied some very nice hotel rooms during their stay.  These immigrant children and their sometime escorts are already known to have head lice, scabies, MRSA, drug-resistant TB, swine flu, and a whole host of other diseases they acquired as they trekked across countries, on foot, from Central and South America to arrive here in the United States.

Upon arrival, they aren't necessarily isolated in quarantine. Instead, they are herded into mass gathering places; only to sleep on the floor and, more importantly, infect others in those close quarters with whatever disease they might have.  Finally, they are being bussed to destinations all over the country so they can carry whatever contagions they have with them.

But, Schumer, being the good soldier that he is, wouldn't want to highlight the current immigrant problem.  It might spoil Obama and the Democrats grand plan for immigration reform.  At the very least, highlighting the health issues on our southern border might also make people aware of how feckless the President has been in controlling the influx.

Lastly, where is the Surgeon General on all these health issues.  Its his job to keep Americans advised; not some Senator from New York.  Again, we apparently have another incompetent in one of Obama's appointed positions.

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