Friday, May 22, 2015

Hillary Impeaches Herself With Her Second Secret Email Address

Hillary Clinton is a former-practicing lawyer and, as such, she had to have known that she impeached herself under the law by lying when she replied to a formal request from the Benghazi Committee Chairman, Trey Gowdy, earlier this year.  In a written letter, she acknowledged the existence of a second but secret email address, but claimed it was never used while she was Secretary of State.

This was a lie.  The New York Times investigated this secret address and found that it was exclusively used by Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal throughout her tenure as Secretary of State.

This latest revelation brings into question everything she's said in the past about Benghazi and the email server.   Its also strange why Blumenthal couldn't use her official address on that same private server that was apparently good enough to commingle both State Department business and personal communications with her family and others.  On top of that, Blumenthal was using access to Hillary Clinton for personal gains as a consultant to the Constellation Group who was seeking State Department approvals for business dealings with the Libyan government.

Off the books secrecy; deception; backdoor deals; and lying.  Are these the qualities we  want in a President?  All this strongly reinforces what I had written in my blog entry of last year: Hillary Clinton's Tall Tales, Fish Stories, and Outright Lies.


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