Thursday, May 21, 2015

On Climate Change, Obama Talks the Talk But Does Otherwise

On this year's Earth Day, President Obama celebrated by taking Air Force One on a short trip from Washington D.C. to the Florida Everglades.  As some have noted, that short jaunt  burned the equivalent of a year's worth of fuel for 17 automobiles.

When the President goes anywhere, there is an entourage of at least 4 planes; not just Air Force One.  There is also a backup Air Force One; and at least 2 heavy-lift cargo jets that burn fuel faster than Air Force One. These are needed to carry all the automobiles and helicopters necessary for the trip.  International excursions usually add another cargo jet and another passenger jet to carry additional aides and extra reporters.  Also required, are at least two fully-armed fighter jets to escort the President's plane. Then, of course,  an advanced security team must be flown in to make sure that he is fully protected.  When on the ground, the motorcade causes thousands of cars to be backed up in traffic jams; all the while those cars sit idling and wasting gas and spewing unnecessary CO2.

I guess what bothers me most about Barack Obama and his continual complaining about our carbon footprint and climate change, is that he is one of the nation's single biggest polluters of CO2.

Already he's our most traveled President. His trip to India in 2010, cost the earth an estimated 19 million tons of carbon dioxide.  A trip that also involved 40 aircraft and 34 warships that were brought into the region.  Last year, he and 900 people descended on Brussels for a 24-hour trip.  That involved 3 cargo jets and a motorcade of 45 vehicles and protection by 350 motorcycle police.

Then, there are all his vacations, golfing, and fund raising trips.  In fact, early in his first year in office, he took Michelle on a one-evening date to New York City.  And, then all those one-day trips all over the country to pitch an agenda item in front of some crowd of affected and disaffected workers, or other small group of Americans.  One estimate has the President's personal annual carbon footprint at 41,000 tons while the average American only spews out 19.8. 

Then we have Hillary Clinton who, under Obama's direction, was the most traveled Secretary of State.  A record that her replacement, John Kerry, is on track to break. Of course we have to add all the First Lady's "good will" trips she's taken on her own.

The simple fact is that if President Obama truly cared about Climate Change and carbon footprints, he would lead by example. But, like so many on the left, he could never once consider himself part of the problem.


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