Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hillary's Silence Is Like Pleading The 5th

Under the Constitution, our criminal justice system allows a person to avoid answering a question under oath by pleading the 5th Amendment.  This, on the grounds that answering may somehow incriminate them. Most people, when hearing someone plead the 5th amendment, logically conclude that someone is hiding something that may point to their guilt.

For weeks, now, Hillary Clinton has been ducking reporters and hasn't had one interview with anyone in the media.  When questions are shouted from behind the barricades, she ignores them as if she was deaf.  Recently, her security team was seen driving at 95 mph in an attempt to escape pursuing journalists.

All this avoidance looks a lot like someone pleading the 5th to avoid incriminating themselves.  Her emails? Benghazi? The 'Clinton Cash' book claims? Now, Sydney Blumenthal?  Her position on Free Trade? And, a whole host of questions about issues that concern both her and her husband.

Some are saying this is a smart strategy because she is running unopposed and doesn't need to be interviewed.  I think it makes her appear guilty of something.


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EXCLUSIVE: Hillary hides from reporters with SECOND secret party of the day as her security forces race across Iowa at 95 MPH to dodge pursuing journalists:

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Fifth Amendment:

Hillary Clinton Sets Record, Longest Presidential Candidate To Dodge National Press In Modern History:

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