Monday, May 4, 2015

The Stupidity of Leadership and the Rioting In Baltimore

For more than two weeks, the media had been incessantly replaying a single video showing 3 white police officers dragging Freddie Gray to police transport; all the time Freddie was screaming in pain.  Once again, like Ferguson and Staten Island, we are led to believe that another black man has died at the hands of white police.

But, when the charges leveled, we find out that 3 black officers were also involved; with the black transport officer actually charged with "second-degree depraved heart murder".

This leaves one to wonder if the rioting could have been avoided or, at least minimized, if the Mayor or the State's Attorney General had simply told the world that 3 black and 3 white police officers were being investigated over the death of Freddie Gray.  Didn't any of those people stop to think that much of the tensions were being fed by the belief that this is just another case of a racially motivated killing by white police?


Arrest to death: What happened to Freddie Gray:

Freddie Gray Arrest Video:

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