Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hillary's Shrinking Coronation Crown

Well before Hillary Clinton announced she was officially a candidate for the Presidency, it was assumed that the political contest would be more of a coronation, culminating in her  adornement with a perfectly fitting crown.  Now however, after the revelations about her private emails, the focus on problems with the Clinton Foundation, and her exposed backdoor dealings with Sidney Blumenthal, it appears her crown may be withering away as her chances fade away.

In a recent CNN poll, nearly 60% thought she was untrustworthy.  Less than half said she cared about people like themselves; and, half said she was not inspiring; with some of these numbers slipping in just the last 3 months.

If Hillary Clinton's standing among the electorate continues to fall apart, it his highly unlikely that she will be the nominee of the Democratic party in much the same way she was pushed aside by Barack Obama in 2008.


CNN: Poll: New speed bumps for Clinton:

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