Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Will Socialism Be The Only Answer In A World Run By Robots?

We already have cars being tested that drive themselves.  So, when they are finally perfected and approved, why would we need cab drivers?  What about bus drivers and truck drivers?  In Nevada, German truck manufacturer Daimler is already testing a self-driving truck. Microsoft has replaced its human security guards patrolling it's Silicon Valley campus with 5 foot tall robots that use artificial intelligence to navigate and detect security problems.  There's even a robot capable of sorting items at recycling centers.

The reality is, that an increasing number of jobs are being replaced by intelligent machines.  So rapidly, in fact, that some experts believe that 30% of all jobs will be replaced by 2025.

The 30% of workers that do lose their jobs will no longer be paying into Social Security and Medicare to support the millions already living off of those two programs. They'll pay no taxes that typically support welfare and wards of the state. So, how is society going to take care of the millions of workers forced into unemployment by these machines?  I think initially, the politicians will try to stop robot takeover through a tax on every one being deployed; arguing the taxes will be needed to pay for all those people who lost their jobs.   Eventually, though, the only answer will be to allow robot takeover and dump capitalism in favor of socialism with everyone being paid by the state and allotted certain necessities for free.  And, in the irony of all ironies, capitalism, the chief driver of innovation in the world, will die by its own hands.


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