Thursday, June 4, 2015

Obama: Because of Him, the U.S. Is The Most Respected Country In the World

In a recent Gallup poll, respondents around the world ranked the United States number one in leadership. It wasn't but seconds later, that Obama took credit for it:

The problem with the President's self-serving pat on the back is that, if you actually look at the internal details of that Gallup poll, you would see that respect for U.S. leadership has fallen every year since Obama has been in office.  This after having an unrealistic jump in 2009 when he had nothing to show for his leadership except empty words, false promises, and no action.

However, Obama knows that hardly anyone is going to fact-check the details behind his "I-did-it" proclamation. A better and more accurate poll would reflect the opinion of world leaders towards the U.S.  I think those results may be quite different; especially among our supposed allies.  Still, this is more about the approval of Obama as a man and not his policies. Just as was the case in 2009.

Though President Obama sees himself as respected throughout the world, he may want to check out a recent CNN/ORC poll where he comes in dead last for job approval when compared to the two Bushes, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.  He only receives a 49% approval when his predecessor, George W. Bush, gets 52%.   Apparently, Americans don't seem to agree with the constant blaming of Bush the "W" for every problem that exists in the country today.


Gallup: Although the leadership of the U.S. earned the highest approval ratings of any major world power asked about in 2014, approval of U.S. leadership dropped to a new low in Africa last year, and tumbling support in Central Asia erased the big gains in the larger Asia region in 2013:

CNN/ORC poll (page 10):,.economy.poll.pdf

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