Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just 8 Out of 10,000 Syrian Refugees To Repeat Paris Terror Attack

It took only 8 terrorists to kill more than 129 people and wound 3 times that many in the attacks at 7 sites in Paris on November 13.  Yet, despite this, President Obama still plans to initially immigrate 10,000 Syrian refugees.  In addition, 72 Democrats want him to accept 100,000.  With those numbers, the odds that 8 terrorists could hide in plain site are extremely high.  In fact, I'm sure that ISIS isn't so dumb that they wouldn't take advantage of the refugee influx to the U.S. as a means to do us serious harm.  Is that the risks that the President is willing to take on behalf of our "values"?  Tell that to the families of those who may die or be wounded because of his flawed actions.

Obama and those Democrats better hope there isn't another Paris-like attack (or worse) on our soil before the 2016 election cycle.


At Least 129 Dead, More Than 350 Wounded in Paris Terror Attack:

President Obama Calls Rejection of Syrian Refugees a "Betrayal of our values":

72 House Democrats ask Obama to take in 100,000 Syrian Refugees:

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