Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Obama's Delusional War Against ISIS

In a press conference at the G20 summit, President Obama touted the fact that we have dropped 8,000 bombs against ISIS.  According to Mother Jones those 8,000 bombs are a result of 17 sorties a day; releasing 60 bombs each.  Just hours before the Paris terrorist attack, Obama said his actions in Iraq and Syria have "contained" ISIS.

But, understand that, compared to other wars, 17 sorties a day is simply a pinprick.  In the 13 years that we were directly engaged in the Vietnam war and before that war was "Vietnamized" in 1973 and we ceased all direct action, we conducted 1.9 million sorties.  That's an average of 400 air attacks per day.  Yet, we still weren't able to win.   On average, the daily count of bombs dropped was 1400.

Believing that dropping 60 bombs a day is containing ISIS is delusional. By the way, containing is not defeating.  Obama continues to believe that ISIS is on the "run" and Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.  Really?


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