Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama's False Argument On Syrian Refugees

While in the Philippines, Obama spoke out against those Republicans who would close our borders and block Syrian refugees from coming into this country.  While doing so, he falsely implied that the GOP is "scared of widows and 3-year-old orphans".  No, Mr. Obama, the GOP are instead afraid of the potential fighting age men who might harm Americans in the same fashion as in the Paris massacre.  To that point, I present this picture of Syrian refugees entering Serbia:

I see two women and one child in this picture.  The majority are men who could very well do harm to Americans.   But, we also know from the Paris attack that one of the eight terrorists was a woman.

Are we supposed to believe that all 20,000 refugees, that are coming to the U.S. under Obama's directive, will be properly vetted?  Think about that.  Are we to assume that Bashar al-Assad has provided us with birth records and arrest records for all these people? I don't think so.  What are we going to do? Have them check a box indicating that they aren't a terrorist.

Don't forget.  This is the same Obama Administration whose FBI interviewed the Boston Marathon bombers and Fort Hood shooter and didn't see them as threats.


Obama Chides Anti-Refugee Politicians for Being 'Scared of Widows and 3-Year-Old Orphans':

Source of Image above: Alvand, 18, from Syria takes a selfie with his friends as they walk along a railway track after crossing into Hungary from Serbia last week. (Marko Djurica/Reuters):

FBI agents interviewed bombing suspect in 2011 -

Fort Hood Shooting: FBI Ignored Evidence Against Nidal Hasan for Political Correctness:


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