Monday, October 24, 2016

Climate Change Alarmists Fret Over the Lack of Media Coverage

In a recent article for Investor's Business Daily, Kerry Jackson speculated that climate alarmists were upset that hurricane Matthew didn't do more damage, and as a result, wasn't able to advance their cause.  In a later article, she also told us that these same people want to change the way hurricanes are measured.   Not just by wind, but by rainfall too.  This was so they could seem more threatening and more frequent.  All of which could signal even more "climate change".

Then, Brad Plummer at was dismayed that in the 4 debates -- three presidential and one vice presidential -- the subject wasn't even mentioned.  Additionally, Michael Mann of "hockey stick" temperature projections speculated that the main stream media has been "compromised" and are intentionally ignoring climate change.  Boo hoo!

The simple fact, is that people don't care about it.  It's not an important issue.  Generally, jobs and the economy are the number one concerns. When you look at polling for the top issues on people's minds, climate change hardly ever comes up, and when it does, the percentage of people worried about it are in the single digits.

In my opinion, the main reason that people are turned off by the topic, is that "alarmists" literally blame everything on climate change.  Even wars, and every hurricane and tornado as if they didn't exist before, along with other endless declarations.  People like me, just find this too unbelievable.  Especially, when you consider that many declarations and predictions contradict each other.   Hell, the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, is running around predicting a 9 foot sea rise by 2050, when in fact, seas are only rising about 14 inches a century. Then, we were told by NASA earlier this year, that the rise in sea levels has slowed because the rains are heavier over land.  Tell that to California and the rest of the Southwest who are in a multi-year drought.

It's not the media that is losing interest.  It's the people who are and the media just plays to the interests of the public.


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