Friday, October 21, 2016

London News Flash: The Queen is Dead..Lower the Union Jack!

Flag protocol in Britain requires that the "Union Jack" be flown at half staff from the day a sovereign's
death is announced, until the day of the funeral.  So, why hasn't the flag been lowered?  Well, it isn't "the" queen who has died, but instead, the queen of leaf cutter ants at the London Natural History Museum.

Apparently, her colony is dying along with her.  All that remains is litter, dead bodies, and this sign:

This, as being reported by the Guardian news.  It seems this ant colony was one of the main attractions at that museum.  Hell! If I knew that, I could have sold tickets to my backyard.  The little buggers are all over the place! Usually, twice a year, they manage to come inside, and I use bait that is actually intended to kill the queen.   I guess things are a little different in Britain.


British Flag Protocol:

Museum posts 'queen has died' notice to explain vanished ant colony:

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