Monday, October 31, 2016

Hillary's Political Jiu Jitsu In This Latest FBI Investigation

Hillary Clinton is a trained, licensed, and former practicing lawyer.  As such, she knows that no investigative agency, such as the FBI, is ever going to release evidence in a case prior to the conclusion of an investigation because, to do so, could prejudice a potential trial or possible exoneration.

But, hours after it was revealed that the FBI had reopened the investigation of Hillary's emails based on newly found evidence on a Weiner/Abedin laptop, Hillary called for the complete release of any and all evidence the FBI is holding.  Of course, the makes her look as if she has nothing to hide and implies innocence.  I wish she used the same "get it all out" judgement when she BleachBit all her emails on her personal server.  This is simply Clinton politics as usual and she knows it.  And, she damn well knows that FBI Director Comey will never do what she is asking him to do because that would be unethical.  Of course, "ethics" has never been one of Hillary's strong points.

Further, she is also fond of referring to the FBI action as a "review" rather than an investigation.  It sounds much less serious that way.  Another, political and very lawyerly tactic.

Lastly, the evidence that the FBI suspects is there, must be particularly damning for them to announce these actions just 10 days before the election.  Logically, one can assume that the heat they're taking now may pale in comparison to whatever heat they may receive for not disclosing this highly explosive investigation until after the election.  


Clinton calls on FBI to release 'full and complete facts' of email review:


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