Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Obama's Scrutiny of Gun Show Attendees

President Obama has made it quite clear that he would like to take American's guns away.  So, it was no surprise that he would use a "backdoor" means to do this.  As the Wall Street Journal is reporting, the Obama Administration is pushing the use of automobile license plate scanners in order to gather data on people attending gun shows.  While there are no known arrests that resulted from this activity, the possibility is certainly there.

The larger problem with this "program" is that it violates our Constitutional right of freedom of assembly and association.  One has to wonder where it would stop.  For example, would data be collected on people attending political campaign events or protests? This shows, once again, that the President and his people don't respect our Constitution, and why he has so often lost Supreme Court cases brought against actions he and his Administration have taken.


Gun-Show Customers’ License Plates Come Under Scrutiny: Federal agents enlisted local police to scan cars’ plates at shows’ parking lots:

Annotation 12 - First Amendment:  Right of Association:

Obama’s Abysmal Record Before the Supreme Court:

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