Thursday, April 13, 2017

California to Boycott Companies That Even Bid on Trump's Wall

Recently, two supervisors for the city of San Francisco introduced legislation that would bar any company from bidding on any city contracts if that company even entered a bid on Trump's wall.  This follows Berkeley which, as noted in the first reference below, "unanimously passed a resolution last week recommending the city divest from any company involved in any aspect of the project, and the Oakland City Council is set to vote on a measure Tuesday barring the city from entering into contracts with companies that work on the wall"  At the same time, the State Assembly has proposed divesting all state pension plans of every company involved with the building of the wall.

What's silly about this, is that Trump will build the wall. Further, it is California companies that may have worked on it and who are going to lose the most business under these legislative activities. Companies who would have probably hired Californians for the job. Companies who won't pay taxes on that lost business.  Further, those pension plans will suffer because a company awarded a contract to work on the wall should see a bump in its stock price. Further, California has the largest population of illegal immigrants at 27% of illegals in the country.  As a result, the taxpayers already have to cough up more than $30 billion a year to support them. This in a state that is now $1.3 trillion in debt and growing.

For sure, it is Democrats pushing this legislative action because Hispanics are an integral part of their voting base.  But, as I have said before, California should not impose its will on the rest of the country.  Illegals across the U.S. cost the taxpayers at least $113 billion a year.  In addition, crimes committed by illegals cost billions of dollars a year. Unless California wants to pay that tab, it should not be dictating its desire to block Trump's wall.


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