Monday, April 17, 2017

California's Crazy Energy Policy

Recently, a California District Court of Appeals upheld the State's controversial cap-and-trade program.  A program that is clearly intended to reduce green house gases for electricity production.  Yet, the State keeps approving the building of new power plants, while at the same time, promoting rooftop solar for private homes.   The irony of approving conventional power plants is that the State plans to have half of its electricity production from renewable energy by 2030.

But, here's the real craziness.  California already has too much power.  In fact, in March of last year, solar farms were shutdown because too much power was being put on the electrical grid.  It was electrical overload and it is more than likely to happen again and again.  A study by the L.A. Times found that California will have 21% more power than it needs by 2020.

For a state that is so energy conscious, it would love to single handedly save the planet from global warming, it sure has a strange way of going about it.


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