Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Oversold Flights in 2016 Resulted in Millions of Removals

The recent incident of a passenger being involuntarily dragged off a United Airlines flight in Chicago, due to the flight had been oversold, has caused a firestorm.  While it is now being reported that the doctor being forcibly removed was once convicted for abusing his drug license and also had serious anger management issues, this does not excuse why he and 3 other passengers had to be removed in the first place.

Apparently, this overbooking problem is a serious issue within the airline industry.  According to Fox News Research, 16 major airlines in the U.S. removed a total of nearly 660 million passengers due to overbooking in 2016 alone.
To me, and any reasonable person, this is an unbelievable number.  But, what is worse is that nearly 41,000 passengers had to be forcibly removed; hopefully not in the same way that the doctor was removed from that "United" flight.

If there was ever an issue that Congress should get involved in and regulate, this is one of them.  Too many people are being affected by what appears to be an all too common practice in this country.


Doctor dragged off United flight was felon who traded prescription drugs for secret gay sex with his patient and took them himself - and he needed anger management, was 'not forthright' and had control issues, psychiatrist found:

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