Monday, February 17, 2014

Climate Alarmists Didn't Learn The Lessons of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and "Chicken Little

Recently, I read a news article in the National Journal that focused on the fact that some Senate Democrats are planning to pressure the Sunday news talk shows into having more coverage of  global warming and/or climate change.  This because the media god of all things extremely liberal, Media Matters, reported that only 8 minutes of Sunday talk time was dedicated to the subject in 2012.  Of course, I had to laugh because those Democrats really don't want a "discussion" of "all" the facts regarding climate change -- both pro and con -- but, rather, they want more extreme, alarmist pablum being rammed down the throats of Americans.

Last Sunday, dutiful to the will of the Democrats, all three of the major network Sunday shows had climate change discussions.  The most laughable of them was NBC's Meet the Press where Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, with a degree in home economics, was matched up with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, a mechanical engineer. Obviously, NBC was unable to scrape up a couple of experts in either meteorology or climatology to debate the issue.  I'm also assuming that Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse must have turned down their invitations as well.

What Democrats don't seem to understand is that America has "tuned out" the subject, and, the "tune out" is simply the result of people not buying into the extreme and dire predictions that clearly aren't happening.  It's as if the likes of Al Gore and other alarmists completely ignored the wisdom of the two children's fables: The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Chicken Little.  This is why, the latest Pew Poll on priorities, placed global warming at the bottom; second only to dealing with global trade.

Then, of course, there was "ClimateGate" revealing that some critical data was being falsified in order to push the global warming theory.  That again weakened trust among Americans regarding the reality of this so called crisis.

Lastly,  the believability factor isn't helped when every time there is some severe weather event,  some politician, not a scientist or climatologist,  trips all over themselves to proclaim it a direct result of global warming. People understand that bad weather occurs all the time.  More often that not, the event being hyped was not as severe as some similar event in the past.  For example, when a deadly tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma in May of last year, Democratic senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island gave an impassioned speech blaming climate change.  Yet, after the tornado season was all said and done, we learned that 2013 broke the all-time record for the fewest tornadoes.


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