Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Really? The Judas, Mary Landrieu, Should Get Reelected After Voting For ObamaCare?

Flash back to 2010.  Harry Reid needs 60 votes to pass ObamaCare into law.  This should have been a shoo-in since he had enough Democrats in the Senate to make it happen, but, there were several hold-outs who didn't think the law was the right thing to do.  So, Harry took out his faithful taxpayer-funded checkbook and started handing out money to resisting Democrats in order to buy their votes.  In total, there were about a half dozen Judas's that took their 30 pieces of silver in exchange for voting ObamaCare into legal existence. Senator Mary Landrieu got $300 million in Medicaid assistance for her vote in what has since been called the Louisiana Purchase.  Ben Nelson, a former insurance executive who should have known better, sold his vote in what is now referred to as the Corn Husker Kickback. The sad thing is that, if just one of these Senators had stood on their principles and not taken a bribe, we might not have ObamaCare today.

Now, Mary Landrieu and other vulnerable Democrat Senators are scrambling for reelection despite their involvement in getting ObamaCare passed. Landrieu is running ads that say she's pushing legislation to "fix" ObamaCare.  For that, she seems to think she should be reelected. But, the chances that Harry Reid will ever bring her "fix" to the Senate floor for a vote are zero and she knows it.  So, she is simply blowing smoke to gain votes.  Like Judas, who hung himself after betraying Christ, Mary Landrieu has hung herself politically.  What she and the Democrats have done to the American people should not be rewarded.


Payoffs for states get Harry Reid to 60 votes:

Landrieu touts ObamaCare fix in first ad:

The Democrats in the famous Obamacare signing photo are rapidly retiring:

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