Friday, February 14, 2014

Did You Get Your 40% Increase In Pay When Obama Pen-Legislated A $10.10 Minimum Wage?

With a stroke of the pen, Obama gave any minimum wage worker involved with new government contracts a 40% increase.  Did your wages go up 40%?  Probably not, but one thing is true, that 40% increase "will" ultimately be passed on to everyone in the form of either higher costs or higher taxes.  While the President seems to think he made a few thousand minimum wage earners less poor, he sure as hell made millions of other Americans poorer.

Especially hurt are all those on fixed incomes.  Right now more than 38% of the 57 million people receiving Social Security checks are living solely off of that income; and, they are struggling. Obama didn't give them a 40% increase.  They only saw a 1.5% increase this year.  Since the President has been in office, social security checks have only risen an average of a little more than 1.1 % per year, while inflation was 50% higher than that.  In his first two years, he actually gave no increases to social security recipients.

Lastly, there are 2 million workers in this country who don't even make minimum wage. That's a higher number than the 1.6 million who do.  Where's their 40% increase?  How does Obama propose they deal with any rising costs resulting from the minimum wage increase?


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